abandoned children in Chennai

In India, social stigma and poverty drive many families to abandon their mentally challenged children. This is a serious issue and we,  at  Sri Arunodayam,  seek to address it.

Our mission is to provide safety and equal opportunities for all mentally challenged children.

Iyyappan Subramanian, founder of Sri Arunodayam, first sowed the seeds of this mission, when he was devastated by the death of his elder brother who suffered from Down’s Syndrome. The personal loss, lack of medical facilities, combined with the social stigma and apathy regarding special children such as his brother, impelled Iyyappan to begin Sri Arunodayam, a safe haven that would welcome and care for all mentally challenged and spastic children who were deserted by their families.

Today, Sri Arunodayam caters to a wide spectrum of children with special needs. We believe that each child is unique and so are his or her needs. The care also, then, has to be personalised. To that end, we assign special educators to various children, based on their condition and abilities, and every three months each child’s progress is individually assessed and evaluated.

From borderline cases who are being trained for independence, to profound cases requiring lifelong palliative and respite care, we have more than 100 children in all.


About Sriarunodayam

Sri Arunodayam is situated in Chennai and this is home for homeless, abandoned, poor, helpless, special children, handicapped, orphans, disabled children in Chennai. This trust is runs by sponsors and kind heart people.
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